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  • Rolling Stones "Who's that Girl" art print by Terry O'Neill
  • Rolling Stones "Who's that Girl" art print by Terry O'Neill
  • Rolling Stones "Who's that Girl" art print by Terry O'Neill

Rolling Stones "Who's that Girl" art print by Terry O'Neill

Rolling Stones "Who's that Girl" art print by Terry O'Neill

$ 2,000.00



Limited Edition Rolling Stones by Terry O'Neill print. 

Exclusive to Romp Boutique 

* Signed Edition of 50

* 12 X 16 inches 

* This item ships from London

* This item ships unframed 

A rare iconic print by legendary photographer Terry O'Neill. The Rolling Stones with the mystery nude, 'Angel Lady' at Stephen Stills' house in Lauren Canyon, California, where they were rehearsing for their American Tour October 1969. Left to right: Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor and Leslie Aday. 

 Also available in our collaboration with Pearl - the Angel Lady/Rolling Stones T-shirt 

 Read Terry O'Neill's story behind the image here- 

 "Very early on in my career, right after I took some photos of a new band called The Beatles, I received a call from Andrew Loog Oldham, this young, brilliant kid who told me he was managing a new act.  He asked me if I could take some snaps and help him get them placed in the paper.  After bands were featured in the papers – this was a new thing back then – sales would go through the roof.  I remember being pretty busy back then, but I said ‘sure’ – only if they came over to Central London.  The band arrived and I thought they looked great.  Even back then, this was around 1963, they had a very distinct style.  So I took them around; Tin Pan Alley, Soho.  The photos started to run in the newspapers and that was how we started. 

 The band was The Rolling Stones.

 The 1960s were a great time for all of us.  We were all just starting out in our careers; me, Michael Caine, Terance Stamp, Jean Shrimpton – there was a real magic to what was happening in London.  It was, as they say, “Youth Quake” and we were right in the centre of ‘Swinging London’.  The music at the time, especially The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, became the soundtrack of our lives.

 By the time the decade ended, most of us went off in other directions. The Beatles stopped playing pretty much and I was spending more and more time in Los Angeles.

 That’s when I got the call to take some portraits of The Rolling Stones. I hadn’t seen them in some years, so it was great to reconnect with them.  They were staying – or at least wanted to meet – at Stephen Stills house in Laurel Canyon. Laurel Canyon was really the focal point of where music was coming from out of LA, so this was a natural place the Stones would stay. Mick Taylor just joined the band and I believe they were in Los Angeles to rehearse for an upcoming tour. We went out to the back of the house to do some portraits and I do remember it was a really hot day. 

 While we were shooting, this woman appeared.  She wasn’t wearing any clothes, well, it was the 1960s!  And this was right at the end of the Summer of Love, after Woodstock – but, importantly, before Altamont, which would happen only a few months after this shoot. She was simply translucent and I thought she was a great contrast to the band – who were clad in their leather jackets and black clothes. We asked her to sit in on a few photos.

 She appeared seemingly out of nowhere like an angel.

 Little did we know at the time, that’s exactly who she was." 

* Art Prints are not returnable *

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